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There are plenty of lucky guys out there who can last a hell of a long time in bed, but the chances are that, if you are looking at this, you might need a little help. If you want to know how to last longer in bed, then you are in the right place.


Believe it or not, you can actually work and train your body to help you last that little bit longer in bed. On their own, these techniques might not seem as though they will do much, but when you combine them and get to the root of the problem, you will find that you last longer in bed… so take a look at our suggestions for training yourself to last longer.

Learn to relax
A lot of the time, if you blow your load too soon, it is not a physical problem. Yes, it can feel fantastic, but often there is something going on in your mind. It might even be as simple as thinking “I’m going to cum too quickly”, which turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy when you do.


So instead, try to distract your mind and learn to relax. A hot bath can really help, as the warm water will help you muscles ease a little, and a massage afterwards can make things even better. Should you find yourself in the moment starting to focus on the problem, think of something else. Something as simple as staring into the eyes of the person you are fucking can not only make it more intimate, but also give you something else to concentrate on, which can go a long way.

Get out of your comfort zone

If you do the same things over and over again and expect things to change, you will, sadly, be left feeling very disappointed. It is the same with ejaculation, and if you really want to last longer in bed, you have to make a change… and sometimes the best thing to do is to get out of your comfort zone.

We get it. Everyone likes hiding in their comfort zone. However, by trying something new in the bedroom, you will get the chance to experiment and see what else turns you on. You might find a sex position that works really well for her but is also great for you to minimise the sensations. Plus, by changing things more during sex, you get a little break which can really help!

Slow down

Sex doesn’t have to be hard and fast, and if you are always fucking like you are in porno, you should stop. Try to instead slow things down, as this can help you focus on your partner, as well as making it less likely for you to blow your load too quickly.